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Cowboys From Hell(4:06)Pantera
Smile(3:43)The Supernaturals
I Wasn't Built To Get Up(3:25)The Supernaturals
Star Wars(3:09)The Supernaturals
Bubblegum Hill(3:04)The Supernaturals
Pie In The Sky(2:02)The Supernaturals
Lazy Lover(3:09)The Supernaturals
Robot Song(3:11)The Supernaturals
Poor Man's Poetry(2:58)Naughty By Nature
Happy Go Lucky Me(1:55)Frank Ifield
And I Always Will Do(2:18)Frank Ifield
Baby Doll(2:30)Frank Ifield
Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)(2:47)Frank Ifield
RS2000(6:44)E-Z Rollers
Tough At The Top (Instrumental)(8:03)E-Z Rollers
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