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Black Man Ray(3:37)China Crisis
Strength Of Character(2:54)China Crisis
When The Piper Calls(4:03)China Crisis
Christian (Album Version)(5:47)China Crisis
Hanna Hanna(3:30)China Crisis
Best Kept Secret(4:05)China Crisis
King In A Catholic Style (Wake Up)(4:28)China Crisis
No Ordinary Lover(3:39)China Crisis
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To(2:14)The Coasters
Moonwater(7:21)Barclay James Harvest
Child Of Man(3:19)Barclay James Harvest
Galadriel(3:13)Barclay James Harvest
Vanessa Simmons(3:44)Barclay James Harvest
One Hundred Thousand Smiles Out (2002 Digital Remaster)(6:04)Barclay James Harvest
Moonwater (2002 Digital Remaster)(7:30)Barclay James Harvest
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