About Ricall

Founded in 1998, Ricall offers a range of services and technology for licensing music for use in audio video productions. Our clients range from large brands looking for hit music for their global campaigns to individuals looking for a soundtrack for their YouTube video. To service this diverse client base we offer professional music licensing services for our high value projects, and a state of the art e-Commerce music licensing platform for low value, high volume licensing.

Our services and technology includes:

Music Supervision Services - Ricall offers the full range of music supervision services to the creative industries. Having worked on 10,000+ productions since its inception in 1998, Ricall is recognised as one of the most experienced and reliable sync agencies in Europe.

License Negotiation Services - Ricall has developed a transparent and systematic licensing practice with vast experience working with large global brands. Our approach is aimed at securing the best value. With experience ranging from international license extensions to multi-platform cross-promotional campaigns, we are well aware of potential licensing pitfalls and offer strategies to ensure the best deal is on the table.

Ricall.com – is a fully automated e-Commerce marketplace where Artists and Rights Holders can upload their music and offer it for sync licensing and digital downloads. Music submitters set their own prices and define their own keywords helping buyers find music that fits their project and budget.