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What's a Sync License? What's a Digital Download? What about Performance Rights?
Great Royalties We pay 85% of the sale price for digital downloads. On sync license sales we pay 55% of the purchase price as a royalty to the artist and 30% to the sales partner. If you promote and sell your own tracks using our sales tools you can earn 85% of the purchase price. You can opt-out of the sales partner program and receive 85% royalties, however no sales partner will promote your music.
Non-Exclusive Our agreement is non-exclusive, meaning you can offer your music to others, and you can remove your tracks at anytime.
Free Listings You can list up to 100 tracks for free on the Ricall service. Contact us to list more than 100 tracks.
Sales Partners Ricall has crowd-sourced a global sales force to promote our catalog for sync licensing opportunities.