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Change is Coming featuring Jer Coons(4:56) Write Brothers
Drop Everything J.P. Edwards
Making Plans for the End(4:15) The Microdance
Calling Me Home (Featuring Izzy Thomas)(3:50) The Signal Clan
Butterflies & Compromises(4:32) Tony Goff
Beautiful Feeling(5:16) Jake Evans
Diamonds(3:39) The Environment
Lions(3:33) Carl Olander
If You Dare ft. Peta Oneir(3:29) The Future Dub Project
Love Has No Feelings(3:50) Shay D. feat Amy Jay
Love is Strange(3:30) TigerBiteFever
Love never hurt me(4:13) Rebekah Withakay
Nothing Lasts(4:17) Octobers
No Conflict(3:34) Rebecca Cullen
Odyssey 2G(4:11) AUS
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