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Adult Alternative Pop/RockAdult ContemporaryDreamyRomantic
Alternative/Indie RockAmbient PopDarkDreamy
Adult Alternative Pop/RockAdult ContemporarySad / MelancholicDramatic
Alternative Pop/RockAlternative/Indie RockSad / MelancholicHaunting / Eerie
Album RockAlternative Pop/RockCarefree / LightheartedMellow / Relaxed
Ambient PopElectro-PopCarefree / LightheartedHappy / Uplifting
Adult Alternative Pop/RockAlternative Pop/RockEpicDreamy
Acid RockAmbient PopCarefree / LightheartedDreamy
Adult Alternative Pop/RockAlternative/Indie RockPeacefulSmooth
Ambient PopIndie PopPeacefulMellow / Relaxed
Ambient PopElectro-PopDreamy
Adult Alternative Pop/RockAlternative Pop/Rock
Adult Alternative Pop/RockAlternative Dance
Alternative DanceAlternative Pop/Rock
Alternative DanceAlternative Pop/Rock