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Album RockDriving / PumpingEpic
Pop/RockEpicHappy / Uplifting
Pop/RockDriving / PumpingEpic
Alternative Pop/RockBritpopDriving / PumpingEpic
Ambient HouseAmbient TechnoEpicDramatic
Alternative Pop/RockAlternative/Indie RockEpicDramatic
Dirty BluesElectric BluesFrisky / FlirtatiousEnergetic
Ambient HouseElectro-HouseEnergeticEpic
Electro-PopDriving / PumpingEpic
FolkSad / MelancholicEpic
Pop/RockSad / MelancholicEpic
Indie RockDriving / PumpingEpic
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